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            Company Profile

              Enjoy the reputation of "China Electric City" of motor the Fuan TEMCO Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Fuan City, Fujian Industrial Park Qinxiyang. The company covers an area of ??17,000 square meters, annual output of about $ 1.7 billion, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, service as one of the international standards, standardize enterprise. TEMCO motor as the Ministry of Commerce approved mechanical and electrical products export base enterprises and key enterprises of provincial export of electromechanical products, the company has international advanced production line equipment and testing instruments, the first to import the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and "ERP software systems, business operations and improving. The spirit of "TEMCO become attached to the hand in the win-win" business philosophy, after several years of good governance, high quality products and appropriate after-sales service, won the praise of customers.
              TEMCO motor company specializing in the production and sale of various series of pumps, motors, electrical and mechanical parts, etc., a total of three categories of more than 600 varieties and specifications, with an annual output of pump 60 million units, the motor 150 000. TEMCO brand centrifugal pumps are rated as "Fujian Famous Brand title", the TEMCO trademark was awarded the "Fujian Famous Brand" and Ningde City, the well-known trademarks. Series Aluminum motor is developed specifically for the European market with energy saving and environmental protection, good insulation properties, light weight, beautiful appearance and other characteristics. The TS of the new development, the TSS series industrial pumps, bath pumps, WQ series submersible decontamination pumps and other products, pre-market has achieved good sales, market development has great potential. To promote the sustainable development of the company, the company actively cooperate with research institutions at home and abroad, accelerate technological upgrading, promote industrial escalating. The company's products has passed CE, GS, TUV, UL and other certification authority, 2 pumps to obtain a utility model patent certificate (1) pump design patent certificate, own brand "TEMCO" and "DEMCO" has been formed to market size effect, the international export market, sold in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.
              TEMCO motor in a good environment for the development of various economic indicators every year and times growth, and achieved good social benefits. For the enterprise management level to further enhance the full implementation of company-wide quality management control system and "6S" management model, the implementation of scientific and standardized internal management mechanism; actively promote institutional innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, enhance their market competitiveness and achieve sustainable development, as the high-tech enterprises in Fujian Province Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Agency. More times over the years enterprises at all levels of municipal government departments as "employment and reemployment of advanced enterprise", "national machinery industry advanced enterprise management demonstration enterprise", "Fujian Province integrity Management Demonstration Unit", "Fujian labor harmony the honorary title of the enterprise "," youth employment and entrepreneurship training base ", and increase the pace of integration into the wave of growth of northeast wing of the building of the Economic Zone.
              Adhering to the "cast of fine material, with Seiko, production quality, tree TEMCO brand; heavy users, re-improvement, re-innovation, established Fujian pillars" approach to development, to promote the west side of bigger and stronger Fuan Electrical appliances industry cluster economic zone contribute to the work.